CGS Academic Year Lecturers

Karina Astrid Eileraas


Karina Eileraas

Office Location: Humanities & Social Sciences 2041
Fall 2016 Office Hours: Tuesdays 2-4pm by appointment

Fall 2016
CGS 2A - Intro to CGS: Social Movements
CGS 100 - Conceptualizing Gender: Theories & Methods

Winter 2017
CGS 101 - Gender, Modernity, & Globalization
CGS 103 - Feminist Theory

Spring 2017
CGS 111- Gender & the Body

Research interests and Education

Karina Eileraas attended Wesleyan University as an undergraduate and was the first graduate of the Women’s Studies Ph.D. Program at UCLA. Her areas of interest include nudity and transnational body politics; sexuality, social media, and self-representational practices; sexual violence, fantasy, and trauma; photography, film, music and performance studies; and sexuality, revolution, exile, embodiment, visual culture, and performative practices in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. She has published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and a book entitled Between Image and Identity: Transnational Fantasy, Trauma, and Feminist Misrecognition.

Karen Lee Shelby

LecturerKaren Shelby

Office LocationHumanities & Social Sciences 2041
Fall 2016 Office Hours: TBD

Fall 2016
CGS 102 - Topics in CGS: Gender & Electoral Politics

Spring 2017
CGS 2B - Intro to CGS: Gender & Institutions

Research interests and Education

Women and Politics, Political Theory, and Comparative Politics. My research examines questions of everyday ethics and deliberative democracy, seeking ways to meaningfully confront political challenges in order to foster political engagement and human freedom.

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