Critical Gender Studies

Double Major

All Critical Gender Studies majors and minors are required to take the Introduction to Critical Gender Studies sequence: Critical Gender Studies 2A-B, 100, and 101.

To complete a major, students are required to take sixteen courses, comprising four courses in the introductory sequence (2A, 2B, 100, 101), and twelve upper-division courses. Six of the upper-division courses must be taken in the CGS program; the other half (six) will be drawn from among the advanced electives taught within departments. Three of the advanced elective courses must be in the Humanities Division, the other three in Social Sciences.

Students who wish to major both in Critical Gender Studies and in another department or program must fulfill all requirements for the Critical Gender Studies major as described above. Students must submit a double major petition for approval by the participating departments and the student's college advising office. Critical Gender Studies will accept up to two upper-division courses which overlap requirements for the two majors.

NOTE: As an interdisciplinary major, CGS is subject to special regulations regarding double majors. Please see the CGS advisor for information.

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