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Critical Gender Studies

Welcome to Critical Gender Studies

Critical Gender Studies is an undergraduate program specializing in the study of gender and sexuality. We came to life as a program in Women’s Studies, but at the urging of faculty and students, reconstituted ourselves in 1998 by pairing gender studies and sexuality studies in one course of study. Since these are interdisciplinary fields, students are free to pursue their interests, to follow the road of inquiry where it takes them. As a result, our students learn to think in creative and productive ways, gaining analytic strengths and conceptual agility by frequently crossing the boundaries of established disciplines.

The program’s core curriculum builds upon feminist scholarship and queer studies, incorporating the interdisciplinary agendas, intellectual debates, changing methodological practices, and major scholarly shifts that have reshaped the fields of gender and sexuality studies over the last decade. Students round out their program by taking courses offered by CGS affiliate faculty in a variety of topics. Students may major or minor in CGS; many students choose to pursue a double major, finding the interdisciplinary approach in CGS to be a valuable complement to their training in more traditional fields. CGS also offers students the opportunity to graduate with honors by enrolling in a special program of writing and research during their senior year.

As a small, enthusiastic program, we take pride in our ability to get to know our students well, and in fostering a lively community of students and faculty who share a commitment to innovative scholarship and creative thinking. 

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"Because this major retained me. It's interesting, challenging, and nurturing."