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Winter 2024 Newsletter

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

Critical Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering students the opportunity to study gender, race, class, sexuality, and nationalism as intersecting categories of analysis and experience. Our curriculum is designed to move students beyond popularized accounts of gender to consider its complex constructions over time and in a variety of cultural, scholarly, and global arenas.

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Graduate Specialization

UCSD has long been a vibrant site for the study of gender and sexuality, with many graduate students and faculty already engaged in gender-related projects. The specialization has been put in place to provide a central program through which graduate students may develop their work among peers who take up questions of gender as linked to race, sexuality and other social formations.

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CGS Statement in Support of Abolition May & the May 3rd Day of Refusal

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CGS Statement on Anti-Asian Racism and Violence

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CGS Statement on Anti-Black Racism and State Violence

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