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Affiliate Grad Seminars

Affiliate department seminars available to CGS Grad Specialization students fall into two categories - applicable and petitionable. Applicable seminars are those pre-approved as applying towards the CGS Grad Specialization. Below is a list of those pre-approved seminars within the Social Sciences and Humanities. Petitionable seminars are either new and therefore not yet approved as applicable or are “topics” courses that focus on gender and sexuality only in particular quarters. Petitionable seminars may be approved by petition to the CGS Grad Specialization advisor and Director.

Applicable Social Science Seminars

ANTH 208. Gender Variance

ANTH 224. The Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality

ANTH 249. Gender and Mental Health

ANTH 259. Gender and Mental Health

ANTH 266. Anthropology of Love

ANTH 267. Decolonizing Ethnography: Ethics, Politics, and Praxis

ETHN 252. Race, Gender, and Space

ETHN 256. Gender, Sexuality, and Race

SOCG 245. Gender, Work, and the Economy

SOCG 267. Sociology of Gender

Petitionable Social Science Seminars

ANTH 216. Global Pentecostalism

ANTH 243. Mental Health as Global Health Priority

ANTH 248. Global Health and Cultural Diversity

ANTH 251. The Ethnography of Modernity

COGR 237. Performance Theory

COGR 245. Science and Technology Studies and Communication

COGR 264: Feminisms in Critical Dialogue

ETHN 255. Race and Psychoanalysis

ETHN 257AB. Social Theory

ETHN 265. Critical Immigration and Refugee Studies

ETHN 275. Marxist Thought

SOCG 269. The Citizenship Debates

Applicable Humanities Seminars

HIGR 205. Historical Scholarship on Women and Gender

HILA 261. History of Women in Latin America

HILA 264. Women’s Work & Family Life in Latin America

HISC 267. Gender and Science

HITO 265. Topics—LGBT History

HIUS 276. Race and Sexual Politics

LTCS 256. Cultural Studies of Technoscience

LTTH 200B. Problems in Contemporary Literary Theory

Petitionable Humanities Seminars

HIGR 206. Histories of the Body

HIGR 207. Nationalism, Colonialism, and Race

HIEU 282. The Muslim Experience in Contemporary European Society

HIEU 283. Social History and Anthropology of the Mediterranean

HITO 264. Jew and Other Ethnics in the American Past

HITO 267. Global History of Sport in the Cold War

LTCS 222. Topics in Theory and History of Film

LTCS 150. Topics in Cultural Studies

LTCO 201. Theories and Methods of Literary Analysis

LTEN 256. Postcolonial Discourses

LTEN 259. Transnational Literary Studies

LTEN 272. Cultural Traditions in English

MUS 213. Introduction to Critical Studies