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Student Petitions


Courses from other departments or institutions may be petitioned by emailing the following 2 documents in PDF - a course syllabus and a completed  STUDENT PETITION FORM for review. Please be advised, it may take between 6 and 8 weeks for the review to be completed and you will be notified by email with the results or a request for more information. 

Below are two examples of what to write in a Student Petition:

Example #1:

REQUEST: To review and approve GSST 001 from UC Riverside as a lower-division Critical Gender Studies elective.

REASON for REQUEST: To use GSST 001 as a lower-division course for my Critical Gender Studies major/minor.

PLEASE NOTE: CGS does not allow for courses from other institutions to be used to satisfy the DEI requirement.

Example #2:

REQUEST: To review and approve SOCI 132: Gender and Work as an upper-division Critical Gender Studies elective. 

REASON for REQUEST: To use SOCI 132 as an upper-division course for my Critical Gender Studies major/minor.

DEI Courses and Petitioning DEI from other institutions   

Although our CGS courses are about diversity, equity and inclusion, not all of them are on the DEI list. Only the specific courses on the DEI list are applicable: dei-list-of-courses.pdf (
If you are taking a CGS course that is not on the DEI list, it cannot be added to the DEI list. The Academic Senate will not approve petitions for the UC San Diego courses that are not already on the DEI list. Critical Studies does not review courses from other colleges for DEI review and approval.