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CGS Grad Seminars

Please note: The primary mentor/mentee relationship in the CGS graduate specialization is with the advisor named in the graduate student's application and students are responsible for pursuing their mentorship. We encourage you to start making appointments with your advisor as soon as possible.

Course Number Course Title & Description
CGS 200

Advanced Studies in Critical Gender Studies

This course, the first in the graduate specialization in CGS, is designed to give students a broad but advanced survey of historical and current research in studies of gender and sexuality in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

CGS 208

Gender Variance

This seminar critically examines gender variance by contrasting local and global contexts. We will interrogate Western analytical frameworks of sex, gender, and sexuality including the idea of transgenderism as a crossing from one gender to an opposite one, the distinction between gender identity and sexuality, and the assumed relationship between sex and gender in relation to other social formations and processes.

CGS 280

Special Topics in Critical Gender Studies

Specialized study in Critical Gender Studies, with topics to be determined by the instructor for any given quarter.

CGS 299

Advanced Practicum in Critical Gender Studies

This course, the capstone in the graduate specialization in CGS, is designed for students in their final year of dissertation writing. Members of the practicum will present their dissertation research and mutually explore the interdisciplinary dimensions and implications of their work.