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CGS Courses

Lower Division

Lower Division 

CGS 2A. Introduction to Critical Gender Studies: Key Terms & Concepts

CGS 2B. Introduction to Critical Gender Studies: Social Formations

CGS 87. Critical Gender Studies First-Year Seminar

Upper Division

Upper Division

CGS 100A. Conceptualizing Gender: Theoretical Approaches

CGS 100B. Conceptualizing Gender: Methods & Methodologies

Intermediate Courses

(Open to all students regardless of prior experience, but CGS2a and/or CGS 2b are encouraged)

CGS 101. Gender & Globalization

CGS 105. Queer Theory

CGS 106. Gender & the Law

CGS 108/LTCS 108. Gender, Race, & Artificial Intelligence

CGS 109. Sexual Violence

CGS 110. Intersectional Struggles for Environmental Justice

CGS 111. Gender & the Body

CGS 112/ETHN 127. Sexuality & Nation

CGS 113. Gender & Sexuality in the Arts

CGS 114/ETHN 183. Gender, Race, Ethnicity, & Class

CGS 116. Feminist Social Movements

CGS 117/ANSC 117. Transgenderisms

CGS 118/ANSC 186. Gender & Incarceration

CGS 119/LTCS 119. Asian American Film, Video, & New Media: The Politics of Pleasure

CGS 120/ANSC 180. Capitalism & Gender

Advanced Courses

(Require having taken a previous course in CGS or in the department with which the course is cross-listed)

CGS 121. Selected Topics in Critical Gender Studies

CGS 122. Advanced Topics in Comparative Perspectives

CGS 123. Gender & Reproductive Politics

CGS 124. Girls & Sexuality

CGS 125. Women of Color Writers

CGS 126. Muslims on Gender & Sexuality

CGS 127. Feminist Border Studies

CGS 128. Transnational Feminisms

CGS 130. Queer Performativity

CGS 135. Feminist Science & Technology Studies

CGS 137/ETHN 137. Latina Issues & Cultural Production

CGS 147/ETHN 147. Black Feminisms, Past & Present

CGS 150/ETHN 150. Visuality, Sexuality, & Race

CGS 165/ETHN 165. Gender & Sexuality in African American Communities

CGS 187/ETHN 187. Latinx Sexualities

Honors Series

The Critical Gender Studies Honors Program allows advanced CGS majors to pursue individual projects in the context of collective intellectual exchange with their peers and advising faculty. Students are eligible if they a) have senior standing at the time they begin the program, and b) are approved by the faculty director and steering committee. Normally, students eligible for honors will have a 3.5 grade point average in upper-division courses taken for the major, but highly motivated students who do not meet this criterion may be admitted to the program at the discretion of the director and the steering committee.

CGS 190. Honors Seminar

CGS 196A. Honors Research

CGS 196B. Honors Thesis

Special Studies

Many Critical Gender Studies majors and minors elect to do research under the rubrics of Directed Group Study (198), Independent Study (199), internships, and mentor programs. Because these courses can be taken only with a P/NP grade option, the number of such courses to be applied to the major should be discussed with a Critical Gender Studies advisor. Some graduate and professional schools prefer to evaluate a student's transcript with letter grades. College guidelines and requirements for grade options also vary. Please see college academic advisors and Critical Gender Studies advisors.

CGS 198. Directed Group Study

CGS 199. Independent Study

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