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Applicable Elective Courses

Departmental courses available to CGS majors and minors fall into two categories - applicable and petionable. Applicable courses are those approved as always applying to the CGS major and minor. Below is a list of those applicable courses within the Social Sciences and Humanities. Petitionable courses are either new and therefore not yet approved as applicable or are “topics” courses that focus on gender only in particular quarters. Petitionable courses may be approved by petition to the major/minor during the quarters in which they appear in the CGS Quarterly Newsletter.

Social Science Courses

ANSC 117. Transgenderisms (CGS 117)
ANSC 125. Gender, Sexuality, and Society
ANSC 180. Capitalism & Gender (CGS 120)
ANSC 186. Gender & Incarceration (CGS 118)
COMM 108G. POB: Gender and Biomedicine
COMM 111P. CCP: Performance and Cultural Studies
COMM 114E. CSI: Gender, Labor, and Culture in the Global Economy
COMM 114G. CSI: Gender and Science
COMM 137. Black Women Filmmakers
COMM 138. Black Women, Feminism, and Media
ETHN 128. Hip Hop: The Politics of Culture
ETHN 129. Asian and Latina Immigrant Workers in the Global Economy
LIGN 174. Gender and Language in Society
POLI 104M. Law and Sex
POLI 115A. Gender and Politics
POLI 116A. Feminist Theory
PSYC 134. Eating Disorders
PSYC 172. Psychology of Human Sexuality
SOCI 113. Sociology of the AIDS Epidemic
SOCI 116. Gender and Language in Society
SOCI 118. Sociology of Gender
SOCI 119. Sociology of Sexuality and Sexual Identities
SOCI 129. The Family
SOCI 132. Gender and Work
SOCI 139. Social Inequality: Class, Race, and Gender
SOCI 184. Gender and Film

Arts and Humanities Courses

HIEA 125. Women and Gender in East Asia
HIEA 137. Women and Family in Chinese History
HILA 124A. History of Women and Gender in Latin America
HILA 161/261. History of Women in Latin America
HILA 164/264. Women’s Work and Family Life in Latin America
HISC 103. Gender and Science in Historical Perspective
HISC 118. History of Sexology
HISC 167/267. Gender and Science
HITO 106. Love and Family in the Jewish Past
HIUS 115. History of Sexuality in the United States
HIUS 130. Cultural History from 1607 to 1865
HIUS 131. Cultural History from 1865 to 1917
HIUS 156. American Women, American Womanhood
HIUS 157. American Women, American Womanhood 1870 to Present
HIUS 176/276. Race and Sexual Politics
LTAM 105. Gender and Sexuality in Latino/a Cultural Production
LTAM 106. Modern Chicana and Mexican Women Writings
LTCS 130. Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Class, and Culture
LTCS 131. Topics in Queer Cultures/Queer Subcultures
LTCS 132. Special Topics in Social Identities and the Media
LTCS 135. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
LTCS 172. Special Topics in Screening Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality
LTEA 143. Gender and Sexuality in Korean Literature and Culture
LTEN 150. Gender, Text, and Culture
LTEN 185. Themes in African American Literature
LTEU 147. Women in Italy
LTSP 175. Gender, Sexuality, and Culture
LTWL 155. Gender Studies
LTWL 160. Women and Literature
MUSIC 115. Women in Music