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CGS Major Requirements

Critical Gender Studies majors are required to take fourteen courses, comprising four courses in the introductory sequence (2A, 2B, 100A, 100B), and ten upper-division courses. Six upper-division courses must be taken in CGS: three courses from the intermediate category and three courses from the advanced category. The other four upper-division courses will be drawn from applicable electives in the Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities.

  • CGS 2A - Intro to CGS: Key Terms & Concepts (Summer/Fall)
  • CGS 2B - Intro to CGS: Social Formations (Winter/Spring)
  • CGS 100A - Conceptualizing Gender: Theoretical Approaches (Fall)
  • CGS 100B - Conceptualizing Gender: Methods & Methodologies (Spring)
  • 6 upper-division CGS courses: 3 Intermediate and 3 Advanced
  • 4 upper-division applicable electives in the Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities

Want to see how a CGS major fits in with your college requirements? Create a four-year or two-year academic plan here. Ready to declare a major in Critical Gender Studies?


Quarterly Course Newsletters

When the UCSD Schedule of Classes for an upcoming quarter goes online, the Critical Gender Studies Program makes available a list of that quarter’s proposed CGS courses. The quarterly list will also include applicable coursess being offered in other departments. The Quarterly Course Newsletters for the current academic year can be found here.

Double Major Requirements 

Students who wish to major both in Critical Gender Studies and in another department or program must fulfill all requirements for the Critical Gender Studies major as described above. A student must submit a double major petition for approval to the participating departments and the student’s college advising office. Critical Gender Studies will allow up to two upper-division courses that overlap between the two majors.